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Equity is your tool

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What's the most vital tool for home improvement projects? A hammer? Saw? Tape measure? All are strong contenders...

But the tool that really helps you get things done is a Home Equity Line of Credit from PLCU!

No application, appraisal or annual fees, and no closing costs.

Our HELOC lets you use your equity for anything from fixing the roof to upgrading your heating/air conditioning system to repairing the driveway.

Always handy
Because emergencies or opportunities don't follow a schedule, you can take advances any time you need.

Use for any purpose
Medical bills, auto repairs, tuition, back-to-school supplies, or other expenses, planned or unexpected.

Apply now
There's something out there that your equity could tackle, so apply now and get it done!

*No appraisal fees, points, or closing costs. A lien will be required on the subject property.

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