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Spotlight on Laura Carpanzano

Laura Carpanzano
Director of Business Services

Q. How do you see the San Diego business climate in 2015?
A. The local economy continues to show signs of improvement, which will lead to more stability and growth. Equally important, San Diego remains attractive to business because although it has a hometown feel, there are enough resources to allow businesses to grow and be competitive.

Q. Do you work one-on-one with small business owners?
A. Yes, we currently provide personalized, experienced service to several small business owners. We understand having a small business means every team member wears several hats. We operate the same way, doing everything possible to help the business owners with financing.

Q. What do business owners find most difficult about obtaining a commercial real estate loan, and how do you help them?
A. The commercial real estate lending market is extremely competitive right now. With historically low interest rates, the biggest challenge is acting before interest rates increase, and when they do, figuring out by how much.

At Point Loma Credit Union, we mitigate rate risk by offering the best rates possible with attractive loan terms. This allows investors to capture lower rates now, and for some time to come. Plus, we offer hands-on management of your investment for the life of your loan. Many other lenders pass your deal to another department to manage. We don't. As a small group, we oversee all aspects of your loan, to ensure you get the best deal possible, throughout the life of your investment. We are relationship-based and driven, focused on ensuring the property owner is capitalizing on their income potential, every time .

Q. What is life outside of work for you?
A. I am an avid reader but also love to hike, ride bikes or take a nice long walk at the beach.

Want to learn more about our commercial loans? E-mail Laura at lcarpanzano@plcu.com or call her at 858-495-7162.

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