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We’ve all been there. It’s been a long day of shopping at the mall, or waiting in an airport, or driving across the country, and we finally get a chance to pull out our phones or laptops and look for WiFi.

There’s just one problem: what if that free WiFi was a trap?
Each year, we help deserving students defray the costs of a college education by awarding three $2,500 college scholarships to outstanding high school seniors.
Think you’ve heard every wrinkle on the old “grandparent scam” used to bilk senior citizens out of their savings?  The scammers are even more evil than you think, now combining scams to come up with new ways to cheat Grandma out of her pension.
Summertime and the living is easy, especially for home repair scam artists looking to clean out your bank account when you finally give up your DIY projects.  Don’t be fooled!  Get tips on how to spot the scammers and on what to do if you’ve already fallen victim.
The credit repair scammers are back, and this time the “magic number” they give you to fix your credit could land you in prison!  Find out what to watch out for and how to stay out of trouble, then talk to your friends at PLCU about legitimate ways to rebuild (or build) good credit!
The future solvency of Social Security isn’t in as much danger as it was, but part of the reason why is some big changes coming to the program. Read what’s changing, then let your friends at PLCU help you find ways to fill in any gaps in your retirement income.

  Financial Literacy

New Year’s Resolutions

By the end of January, many of us will have forgotten all about our New Year’s resolutions. It can be difficult to change our lives, even when it’s for the better. Here are three resolutions you can set today and some follow-up goals for the rest of the year.

What Should I Look For In My Credit Report?
The beginning of the year is a time of resolutions and renewal, and a great time to check in on your financial standing. Make sure you weren’t the victim of holiday fraud and that your credit is in good shape.

4 Home Improvement Projects With High Long-Term Return
Remodeling your home will improve its value, but the gain might not be worth the cost. Find out four projects that will give you the best rate of return.  You might be surprised at what’s at the top of the list, but it makes perfect sense!

Take Your First Steps Before They Take Theirs: Financial Planning For The New Parent
If you’re a new parent, or about to be one, the list of things that terrify you may in itself be a source of terror. Don’t let “paying for college” sneak onto the list! Contact PLCU and find out about college savings accounts at great rates and all the other options available!

Four Steps To Checking Your Credit Report
We’ve all heard that checking your credit report is the best way to watch out for identity theft and other credit-destroying issues, but how do you do it?  Find out how to get your free reports, and learn how PLCU can make your life easier with credit monitoring!

Financial Security Is The New Retirement: What It Is And How To Get There

Don't confuse retirement with financial security. Which one is your priority right now?

Direct Deposit: Safe, Simple And Convenient
The paper paycheck is rapidly going the way of the dinosaur.  Find out the advantages of direct deposit, then stop by PLCU and our friendly staff will help you step into the new age of payroll handling.



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