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Photo of Little Tommy Sablan, Producer at KyXy Radio stating “Tune in to Jeff and the Showgram Thursday mornings for the top events happening each week in San Diego.”

KyXy radio segment – Keep it local events for week of March 13th



KyXy radio segment – Keep it local events for week of March 6th


Faces of San Diego

Faces of San Diego San Diego Lifestyles Magazine special feature of local businesses, including PLCU



Holiday Message




Explore San Diego








Financial Tips


Click the play buttons below to listen to a financial tip from the PLCU COO, Peter Butler

When it comes to your finances, support your local financial institutions. They can make faster decisions because they’re in the neighborhood, and they’re always handy when you need them.


With your children soon going back to school, it’s the perfect time to teach them money saving habits. Open a savings account for them. It’s practical, it comes in any size, and can last a lifetime.


Take a moment to see which of your credit cards charges the highest rate. Focus on paying down that one off first, followed by the one with the next highest rate, and so on, until you’re done.


The fastest, easiest way to deposit checks is by using your financial institution’s app on your mobile device. Just take a picture of the front and back of the check, hit send and you’re done. And you can make deposits from anywhere, anytime.


With home loan rates still at near-record lows, it’s well worth asking about refinancing your current mortgage to see if you could save money.


The holidays will be here before you know it. Now is a great time to start saving your end-of-day pocket change because even the small amount saved each day can add up quickly!


Go to annual credit to check your credit report at least once a year. Make sure what it says is accurate and that every account listed is actually yours.


If you travel to other countries, be sure your credit card has an EMV chip on the front. Chip cards are more widely accepted and easily processed, especially in Europe.


Save time and money by paying your bills online. No more buying stamps and licking envelopes!


You don’t have to pay for a checking account. Look for a financial institution that offers free checking, ATM rebates, and a premium dividend rate.

Use your Mobile Banking service to monitor your accounts. That way, you may be able to detect any fraud on your account more quickly.

Set up automatic transfers between your accounts, and you won’t even have to think about putting money into your savings account because it’ll be done for you.


An online bill pay service lets you set up all your payments in one sitting. And it can help prevent forgetting to pay a bill.


Enroll your children in a youth savings program to get them in the habit of saving money. Maybe they’ll eventually save enough to pay for their own first car.


Use automatic transfers to ensure that you never forget or are late with a loan payment. Doing so may even qualify you for an interest rate discount.


At the end of each day, put your pocket change in a jar. By the time the holiday season arrives, you could have a nice little stash of cash for gifts.


Tired of the car buying process? Use your financial institution’s personal auto consultant to handle everything from finding the new or used car you want to having it delivered.


Radio Ads


KyXy radio segment – Ultra Rewards Checking




KyXy radio segment – Community with Little Tommy




KyXy radio segment – Keep it local events for week of March 6th




KyXy radio segment – Keep it local




KyXy radio segment – Bill Pay




KyXy radio segment – Checking




KyXy radio segment – Membership




KyXy radio segment - Breaking & Entering Christmas




Energy radio segment - Auto Loans




KyXy radio segment - Membership



Sunny 98.1 radio segment - Billboard Challenge



KFM BFM radio segment - Auto Loans



KFM BFM radio segment - Auto Loans



KFM BFM radio segment - Loans




Sunny 98.1 radio segment - Auto Loans




Sunny 98.1 radio segment - Ultra Rewards Checking


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